SUCCESS! After a summer of action as well as talking about single-use plastic in Brighton and Hove, we are delighted and absolutely staggered that TWO Motions regarding SUP’s were passed unanimously at Full Council on 2nd November 2017!

The Motion from the Green Party we had been involved in writing, and asks Brighton and Hove Council to take action to not only on their own procurement, but to generate a report that will help local businesses to transition away from single-use plastic use and to replace it with more sustainable alternatives.

The Conservative party also had a similar Motion passed unanimously, also calling for reporting and a consideration of a ban of single-use plastic from BHCC buildings.

SO – what does this mean for Brighton + Hove? Well – there is a long road ahead, but we are certainly on the way to a single-use plastic free city, which is really exciting. And this comes exactly ONE year after we first sat down and scribbled the vision for what would become Plastic Free Pledge…

Want to see the exact moment that the Motions were discussed and passed? Check it out the excerpt from the live webcast recording here.

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